NGO -Non Government organisation Meaning And Understanding

Not-for-profit organisation :

An NGO is a not-for-profit organisation or a voluntary citizen’s group working towards social causes or various interests. NGOs perform a variety of services, humanitarian efforts for different sections of the society and take grievances from the citizens to the government.

There are around 2 million NGOs in India, which is the reason why you should register your NGO right away.

Registration of a NGO

In India, NGOs can register themselves as a legal entity in thre

e ways:

  1. Trust
  2. Society
  3. Section 8 Company

The basic documents include:

  1. A registration form, that is available free of cost at the district registrar’s office.
  2. Memorandum Of Association(MOA) and Rules and Regulations (RR).

The memorandum of association must mention:

  1. Name of the society
  2. Address of the registered office
  3. Names, addresses and occupations of the designated governing body
  4. The objective of the NGO
  5. Minimum of 7 members in the society. There is no upper limit on the number of members in the society.
  6. These members have various designations that can be decided among themselves. Common designations are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint-Secretary and Treasurer etc.
  7. These members are collectively the governing body of the NGO. This body controls and regulates the functioning of the NGO.
  8. All the members of society are elected for a specific period (which should be mentioned in the MOA). After expiry of this period; the post is filled through elections in which members of the Governing Body take part.
  9. Because of the involvement of election process –societies are more democratic than trusts. But at the same time –power struggle and politics may also creep in as drawbacks. In case of societies, through election politics, it is possible to remove the person who had initiated the society in the first place.
  10. Unlike trusts, societies function only within a definite geographical area. To make an all India level society, you would need at least eight members (of which five should be from different states of India.

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