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Benami Property/Benami Transaction Simplified

By Lakshita Sharma  (LLB from Law Faculty University of Delhi) What does Benami Property mean? As the term Benami itself indicates, it is something without having a name.  So, when … Read More

Conversion of tribal land in Non Agriculture Land in India

Conversion of tribal land in Non – Agriculture Land.
Procedure for Conversion of Tribal Land.

New Law on Triple Talaq Bill and Protection Right on Marriage of Muslim Women in India

THE MUSLIM Women (PROTECTION OF RIGHTS ON MARRIAGE) ACT, 2019. Triple Talaq BILL An Act to protect the rights of married Muslim women and to prohibit divorce by pronouncing talaq by their husbands and to … Read More

Motor Vehicles (Amendment)Bill / Transport Bill / Road Safety Bill 2019 Passed in Parliament in India.

Shri Gadkari says the Bill will implement an Efficient, Secure and Corruption Free Transport System in the Country passed Motor Vehicles or Transport Bill. The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 … Read More

Some Important Landmark Judgements of India

Citizens or persons are bound to show respect as required under executive orders relating to the National Anthem of India and the prevailing law, whenever the national anthem is played or sung on a specified occasion.

PASSIVE EUTHANASIA: Right to die with dignity is a fundamental right.
Passive euthanasia is a condition where there is a withdrawal of medical treatment with the deliberate intention to hasten the death of a terminally-ill patient.
HOMOSEXUALITY: Section 377 criminalize consensual sexual acts of adults. (i.e Person above the age of 18 years who are competent to consent) in private, is violative of Article 14,15,19, and 21 of the constitution of India.
HONOUR KILLING: Right to choose Life Partner is a Fundamental Right.
Honour killing is an offence under the Indian Penal Code.
SECTION 498A IPC: Misuse of section 498A, the supreme court has modified the much controversial directions that were issued by the supreme court in Rajesh Sharma and others versus State of UP & Another in 2017.