Benami Property/Benami Transaction Simplified

By Lakshita Sharma  (LLB from Law Faculty University of Delhi) What does Benami Property mean? As the term Benami itself indicates, it is something without having a name.  So, when … Read More

Conversion of tribal land in Non Agriculture Land in India

Conversion of tribal land in Non – Agriculture Land.
Procedure for Conversion of Tribal Land.

Motor Vehicles (Amendment)Bill / Transport Bill / Road Safety Bill 2019 Passed in Parliament in India.

Shri Gadkari says the Bill will implement an Efficient, Secure and Corruption Free Transport System in the Country passed Motor Vehicles or Transport Bill. The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 … Read More

The Bonded Labour System (Abolition) in Hindi

जाने बंधुआ श्रम प्रणाली के बरे में……..(अधिनियम, 1976) बच्चे तब बंधुआ श्रमिक बन जाते हैं,  जिनके लिए उन्हें ऋणदाता के पास गिरवी रख दिया जाता है I बंधुआ बाल  श्रमिकों … Read More